Monday, June 12, 2017

Hurry Up Mode

Well, it is supposed to be super hot here later in the week so I am in hurry up mode to get some chores done around here. Yesterday was the day to caulk the bathtub. . .don't enjoy that job but my husband refuses to do it and tells me I do a much better job than he would ever do. I got it done but it is curing and I can't get the bathroom back together until later in the day today. Also yesterday I repotted a plant that was starting to get pretty puny. . .the roots were so packed when I took it out of the pot so it was time for that. Today is the day to trim the shrubs. . .again, somehow that has become my job. Does that happen to you. . .do a job one time to help out and then it suddenly becomes YOUR job??? I just want to get this stuff done before next week when the temperature is supposed to be close to 100!!! That is NOT the time to caulk a tub or trim shrubs!!!

In the mornings I have been scrapping a bit so here goes. . . Created using Created using Created using Created using Created using And, with that I am outta here. . .until next time. . .

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