Monday, November 24, 2014

Mellow Monday

This is crunch week!!! Our Thanksgiving is coming up this Saturday. I have my plans all down and need to get cracking on cleaning the house for guests!!! And then there are those scrapbooks and calendars that have to be finished and ordered that first week in December!!! Over the weekend, I took advantage of the quiet before the storm and did a bit of scrapping. . .so here goes!!!

First up a couple of adorable minis!!!

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And, with that I am outta here to go start cleaning the house for Thanksgiving and the ensuing gathering. Today - clean; Tuesday - shop; Wednesday - revisit plans; Thursday - nothing; Friday - cook; Saturday - enjoy!!! Until next time. . .

Thursday, November 20, 2014

UGH - Part 2

Well, silly me thought I was feeling better yesterday. I thought I was over the worse of this silly cold. . .got lots accomplished, had plenty of energy, didn't have a coughing fit once - not ONCE!!! I knew something was up this morning when I actually woke up to my husband's alarm. . .that NEVER happens!!! I am always up at going around 5!!! I feel that I have been hit by a truck today. . .and to make matters worse it is that dreaded laundry day here!!! Then I printed my calendar for the next 2 months and realized that I really SHOULD have been getting these calendars and scrapbooks done!!! We have Christmas with the in-laws pretty early. . .and while that date was just decided, it is going to sneak up on me way to soon!!! My mother-in-law expects a calendar and scrapbook. . .not that she ever looks at the scrapbook, but she expects one!!! I do think she uses the calendars. . .those things seems to be a bit hit with the family. Once I get the base pages done, I will share them with you along with how I do them now - easy peasy!!!

Through all the germs, I have managed to do a little bit of scrapping. . .so here goes.

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These were created using

And, with that I'm outta here. There's laundry to do, calendars to create and scrapbooks to put together. Until next time. . .

Wednesday, November 19, 2014


I was so excited about the weekend. . .our granddaughter was coming for a visit on Friday, Saturday we were going to take her to her Nutcracker practice and on Sunday we were going to take her home. We did accomplish all of those things, but I ended up with a nasty cold / sinus infection. I felt horrible all weekend and don't feel that I really got to enjoy playing with her. . .and once again, I didn't even get the camera out to take pictures. I hate when I don't get a chance to record her growth just a bit. She is growing up so fast!!! She is reading a bit and finds words so fascinating!!! We did make some brownies, but that was about the extent of the baking that we got done.

Now, my attention turns to Christmas projects (calendars and scrapbooks) and Thanksgiving. The in-law Thanksgiving is next Sunday. Everyone just assumes that I will be making the turkey. . .they never ask mind you, just assume. Well, I did it last year and it takes a LOT to not only make everything, but to transport everything that you need to cater the meal. This year, because of my sister-in-law's work schedule, we set the date for next Sunday. That would mean in a span of 6 days I would be doing 2 meals. . .not gonna happen!!! And, since nobody volunteered to make the turkey (OK, nobody else knows how to make a turkey), my dh and I talked about just eating at a restaurant. There is only restaurant in the area that can accommodate a crowd that large. . .and unfortunately they don't have turkey on Sunday!!! My sister-in-law (the one who has the work schedule issues) got all bent out of shape over no turkey. . .after all, Thanksgiving is more about the turkey and less about being with family right???? Anyway, my dh sent out a note last week to see how many would be going. . .she declined!!! UGH!!! She would rather go to her niece's taekwondo meet than get together with her family. That's the "functional family" that I married into!!!

I have managed to do a bit of scrapping so here goes. . .these are just too cute in my opinion!!!

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And how about a couple of elegant pages???

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And finally, with the snow outside, I got in the mood to do a Christmas page. . .

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And, with that I'm outta here to go work on a few projects!!! Until next time. . .

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Where Did It Go Wednesday

Goodness, I can't believe it is Wednesday already!!! I have a TON of work that I want to accomplish today. And, it never fails when I am all ambitious about doing chores, I feel lousy!!! Today I have the beginnings of a cold that started yesterday when I was running errands. . .didn't think I was going to make it through that expedition and was planning in my head how to contact my husband and how I was going to have him come and get me to take me home!!! If I accomplished all of the errands that needed to be done, my reward was going to be Starbucks. . .you know I really wasn't feeling well when I decided to forego the Starbucks!!!

I think part of the problem is the weather. . .it was so rainy yesterday and cold. Today it is just gloomy and I swear the neighbor's tree is crying this morning. The branches are slumped over more than usual and it looks so sad!!!

I did manage to do a bit of scrapping over the last couple of days so here goes. . .first up. . .

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And with that I'm outta here to go work on those closets and drawers!!! Until next time. . .

Sunday, November 9, 2014

Sweet, Sweet Sunday

It is Sunday once again. . .no big plans for today other than watching a car race and a football game. Last night my dh and I went to see a movie. . .I don't really like movies where the subject matter is something I simply cannot grasp and this movie fell into that category. It was really well done, but I didn't understand the plot at all. . .I guess I am getting too old and things like this is for a younger crowd.

It looks like we are in for a cold snap this week. . .there are fixings for a hearty beef stew tucked away in the kitchen so hopefully that will warm my bones when it does turn cold. And, for the first time this winter season, there is a forecast of snow later in the week. . .personally, I would rather have snow than ice!!!

I have managed to do a bit of scrapping, so here goes. First up. . .

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These were created using

And, with that I am outta here. . .have lots more to get accomplished today before I go watch TV. Until next time. . .

Friday, November 7, 2014

Frustrating Friday

For some reason everything I try to do frustrates me today. . .I need to go get groceries and usually I go early in the morning because by the afternoon it will too chaotic in the store for my taste. Things were going good until my dh is literally going out the door and tells me to pick up his medicine!!! Well, I know I need to get a refill next week, but decided to go ahead and take care of that. . .problem is I have to wait until mid-afternoon to pick that up!!! So now my day is all topsy-turvy!!! I know I'll adapt, but my rhythm is completely off!!! And that is just spilling over into everything I try to do!!! But, I do have one page for you. . .

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And, with that, I'm off to tackle the next thing on my list!!! Until next time. . .

Thursday, November 6, 2014

Trusty Thursday

Well, it is Thursday and around here that means laundry and trash. . .neither one of those chores rank high on my list!!! But I managed to make it through the day. Dinner is going to be a "big salad". . .every time we have salad for dinner, I think about Elaine on Seinfeld!!!

Between loads of laundry, I did a little scrapping so here goes. . .

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And how about this more heritage page. . .

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And here is one more. . .

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And, with that I am outta here to go work on that "big salad". . .until next time. . .