Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Start Again Monday

Today is going to be another scorcher around these parts!!! I had plans of getting some shopping done for a soon-to-be 5-year old cutie, but the trifecta has happened: been up since 2:30 because I had an idea I couldn't let go; it is super foggy this morning; and it is going to be SSSSSOOOO hot today. Sounds like a good day to place an order with a couple of good online stores and save the gas and bother!!!

Scrapping that BIG shopping excursion is going to free up my day so I can get my groceries and fabric locally. AND, if I start early enough I can be back home before it gets so dang hot!!! Sounds like a plan to me!!!

Given how hot it has been, I have been sitting at my computer scrapping away. . .so here goes!!! First up, a couple of pages using new products from theStudio. I have to say I am loving Sothern Serenity's templates lately!!!

These were created using

And here is a versatile kit!!! Full of potential!!!

These were created using

And with that I'm outta here to go work on a quilting project. I sew in the lower level and it is nice and cool down there during this excessive heat!!! Until next time. . .

Saturday, August 23, 2014

Wilting Weekend

It is so stinkin' hot here today!!! Now, if it were a dry heat, that would be OK, but this is a humid heat that is just oppressive!!! So, what is a person to do but scrap??? So, here goes. . .

How about the attitude coming from THIS photo!!!

This was created using

These were created using

And here's another set

These were created using

And how about a fun school-themed page. . .and yes, we are ALL brainiacs :-)

This was created using

And, with that I'm outta here. Want to do a couple of challenge pages and then watch the NASCAR race. . .under the lights at Bristol!!! Until next time. . .

Trying Tuesday

This is one of those days when I had a hard time staying on task!!! I made it through the day, and got MOST of the things done that I wanted to get accomplished. There is one little task awaiting - cleaning off my desk, but at the moment it seems like that can wait until tomorrow. I like a nice, tidy desk and have absolutely NO idea how it can get so messy!!! But, like I said that is a job for another day!!!

In lieu of cleaning off my desk, I decided to scrap another page. . .so here goes!!!

This was created using

OOPS, forgot to publish this. . .

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Summer Wind Down

Around here, summer is coming to an end. . which means the temperatures will be going up!!! This past weekend, we had the little village festival. It has become a tradition for the grandkids to come and enjoy the carnival. This was the first year the youngest little fella was big enough (and awake) to take in a ride or two. The look on his face when his Mom put him in one of the little kid cars was absolutely PRICELESS!!! He drove that car around that ride for all he was worth!!! The two older kids (4 and 6) are moving up to the next level of rides like the Scrambler and Tornado as long as Mom or Dad are with them. I thought after going to Six Flags earlier this summer that the carnival here would be a let down, but they really did enjoy it. I couldn't believe how difficult it was though to find a snow cone!!! Eventually we did, but there was only 1 stand for that commodity!!!

After having a guest for the past couple of weeks, I think this week is going to return to some degree of normalcy. It amazes me how I spend so much time cleaning before the kids come for a visit. . .and then how much time I spend cleaning AFTER they leave!!! They aren't messy, but there's an inherent amount of work that I have to do. . .wash sheets, put up toys, etc. Then today, I have a couple of errands to run - why I can't remember to get dishwasher detergent is beyond me!!! But, I am determined that I'm not going to leave until the dense fog disappears!!! According to my Dad, this will mean another snowy day this winter!!!

I have had fragmented scrapping time lately, but want to get these pages out there. . .so here goes.

First up a delightfully rustic offering from Snickerdoodle Designs!!!

This was created using

And, how about these super airy pages made with Lara's Digiworld's Mental Vacation.

These were created using

I absolutely love the colors in this exquisite kit!!!

These were created using

And, with that I'm outta here to go do some non-computer things. Have an idea to rearrange a bedroom and I don't know if it is going to work or not, but I'm giving it a go today!!! Until next time. . .

Thursday, August 14, 2014

Start Another Summer Week. . .

Here we are the beginning of another late summer week. This week I have a ton of errands to run and need to clean the house for the next round of visits!!! These foggy August mornings just remind me that winter will be here before I know it. . .my Dad always said each foggy August morning means a snowy winter's day. Based on that old wives' tale, we will have a LOT of snow this winter!!! Tomorrow my oldest granddaughter starts 1st grade. . .I remember the anticipation of that first day of school so vividly!!! Hope she has a wonderful year. . .that child sure does love to learn!!! Later this week, my 4-year old granddaughter will come for a visit. Then, next weekend, we have the little local festival. The grandkids think that is just the BEST thing. We took everyone to Six Flags earlier this summer, so I would think this will be a big letdown, but both granddaughters have asked repeatedly about Pony Express Days!!!

With the long delay in yesterday's NASCAR race, I got a bit of scrapping done - WOO-HOO!!! So, here goes. . .

These were created using a "mini" from Just So Scrappy. . .

This was a super fun kit to work with. I was afraid it was out of my wheelhouse, but I managed a pretty fine page with it I think!!!

Created using

And, with that I'm outta here to go pick up a little guest for the next few days. . .until next time. . .

Monday, August 11, 2014

Sunday Slow Down

The day after we take a grandchild back home always seems to be a let down. We had so much fun, but instead of being able to enjoy some outdoors time, it literally rained over half the time she was here . . . and the other half of the time was unbearably hot for a fair-skinned little girl. Today I am exhausted in part from the ride down and back, but tired at the same time in a good way. I know that doesn't make any sense, but it does to me and that is really all that matters.

And, while I'm at it, can I just say how sorry I am for some of the posts that my niece has on Facebook. She lives in a little town and will never really know the world outside her little bubble. Either she has no idea how hurtful some of the things she posts can be or she simply doesn't care. In some regards she is just so incredibly naïve, and she must certainly be trying to be cool, but in this day and age when we live in a global world, there is honestly no room for insensitivity!!! I grew up in an area not too different from what she did, but over a half-century ago, my parents taught me to respect others no matter what!!! Seems that lesson was not passed on in the case of my niece. Suffice it to say in some circles the things she posts would be grounds for being fired!!!

At any rate, I did manage to do a wee bit of scrapping last week when my granddaughter wanted to play by herself for a bit. . .First up. . .

This was created using Next up. . .

This was created using

And, finally

This was created using

And, with that I'm outta here to get some things accomplished today and to clean off this messy computer desk!!! Until next time. . .

Friday, August 8, 2014

Another Exciting Laundry Day

Well, it is Thursday and even though I have a little guest for the week, even my granddaughter can't get excited about laundry day!!! Add a steady rain to the mix and it is just a so-so kind of day!!!

Yesterday, I got her a little bit interested in scrapbooking so she helped me with these two pages. . .

These were created using a couple of templates from Eudora Designs and this add-on to Just So Scrappy's Bella Grace.

And, the kit I used for these along with the templates really jumpstarted my pages. . .I also had a little 6-year old helping with these!!!

These were created using

And, with that I'm outta here to go enjoy some time with my grandkiddo before she head back to her home tomorrow. Until next time. . .

Thursday, August 7, 2014

Laid Back Kind Of Day

Today is one of those laid back kind of days. My granddaughter and I baked a cake, we have played with Legos, played school, I have done a load of her laundry and tonight she has asked if we can go to the local Chinese restaurant. I am not sure what she likes most - the fact that it is a buffet and she can get what she wants to eat OR the koi pond!!! Whatever the reason she asked to go there over Mickey-Dee's so I'm good with that!!!

She is now in the living room photographing her Barbie outfits!!! She is getting pretty good with that camera!!!

I am getting around to posting some pages that I have had for a bit. . .

These were created using

And the first one uses a template by Kay Miller Designs.

And, with that I'm outta here to plan a trip to the zoo for the day. Hope we can get that in before the rain gets here!!! Until next time. . .