Friday, January 31, 2014

Funtime Friday

Well, I have BIG plans for the weekend so lets hope the weather cooperates!!! This morning I'm heading out to pick up one of the granddaughters for a weekend visit!!! I want to take her to the library, we are going to make a Peanut Butter Texas Sheet Cake, and then we will see what toys she wants to play with at Grandma's house. Last time she was her in the fall I got her turned on to movies so don't know if she'll want to play or watch Disney movies. . .we'll see!!! But there's that weather forecast. . .seems like I blog about the weather a LOT, but living where we do, we have a wide variety of weather in a very short timespan!!! Today we are supposed to have snow. In fact, I'm just a little worried about driving in snow to pick her up. The main "weather event" as it is being called starts this afternoon. . .several inches of snow changing to FREEZING RAIN for tomorrow. Now, I can take the snow, but ice accumulations on the streets and wires are a totally different story. I can remember ice storms from the past and the thought of no power for several days is not a pleasant one. So, my job today is to get all of my completed pages uploaded before I leave to get my weekend company. . .so, here goes.

First up is a fun little mini. I typically don't enjoy working with minis, but this was an exception. Love the fun retro feel of this mini :-)

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And here is another set. . .

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And, looking out my window I see the snow has gotten here an hour ahead of schedule. . .so I'm heading out to get that special weekend guest!!! Until next time. . .

Monday, January 27, 2014

Move Over Monday

I certainly wonder who the joke is on. The forecasted low for today was below zero, so yesterday all of the school districts around started cancelling school for today. This morning, it was above zero when I got up at 5. Now, granted, the temperature is supposed to drop as the day goes on, but it is forecasted to still be above zero this evening. Back when my kids were in school, they would have had school today. . .and they NEVER cancelled school the day before!!! You would get up in the morning and listen to the radio to hear your school called. I guess there are pros and cons to the methods they are using now, but these kids have missed SSSSOOOO much school at this point. . .in our district none of the kids have to walk over a block to catch the bus, and in my neighborhood it seems like the bus is picking up the kids at their front door. . .so why can't these kids be in school???

So much for my morning rant. . .I have accomplished SSSOOO much already today. I have cleaned the carpets, did some cleaning on the freezer and I might even get ahead on that project later today. I have taken care of the kitties and cleaned my desk off. Since it is so cold, I am going to make a pot of soup later, but I had my meat in the refrigerator in the garage and when I pulled it this morning, it was frozen, so I am waiting for that to thaw. I can get the soup started by noon and it will be super yummy by dinner time :-)

I also managed to wrap up a couple of pages, so sit back and take a look. . .

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And, with that I'm off to work on a couple of craft projects and do a little job for my husband. Until next time. . .

Sunday, January 26, 2014

Single Sunday

So, today is kind of a slow, lazy day. We actually did go watch our granddaughter at her ice skating lesson yesterday. She concentrates SSSSOOOO much when she is skating and I have to admit, she's pretty good for a 4-year old!!! The longer she is on the ice the more confident she is getting. The first thing they do each session is to practice falling down and getting up. Some of the kids REALLY like the falling down part!!! We got there early and got to watch some of the hockey classes. Oh my word, those are absolutely precious!!! The classes were for the little guys - probably kindergarten and up. That was absolutely PRICELESS!!!

The roads were kind of treacherous going up. We actually came upon two accidents just after they had happened. In both cases, the authorities had just gotten there and were getting out of their cars. Coming home was much better. And during the night last night we did not get the new snow they had predicted, so that is a good thing. Today we are going to have warm temperatures and then the bottom drops out and before the day is over, we will be below zero again. Now, will the kids have school the next 2 days with the sub-zero temperatures forecasted? Time will tell.

With all that is going on, I only have one page to share with you.

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And with that I think I'm going to go make a yummy omelet with a side of sausage for breakfast. Until next time. . .

Saturday, January 25, 2014

Snowy Saturday

Well, we have more snow today. The good news is the temp is supposed to be in the 30's both today and tomorrow, the bad news is the bottom drops out of the temp tomorrow night!!! We are going from a high tomorrow of close to 40 to a low of -10. . .Throw in 35 mph winds and it is going to be brutal again. I am simply amazed at how much stuff can actually freeze inside the garage inside the refrigerator when it gets cold. I store my meat for the short term in the fridge in the garage. When I checked on my stash last night, it had all frozen on the bottom shelf of the refrigerator!!! That's COLD!!!

I was supposed to go watch my granddaughter ice skate today - don't know if I'll get to do that with the fresh snow and the winds. We have to travel 40+ miles through the country to get there and I'm guessing the blowing and drifting will impact the roads. Will have to check on that before we make our final decision. Sure would like to see her skate though :-)

With the weather and my penchant for being a hermit on days like we have been having, I've been getting some scrapping done. First up how about some wedding things. . .

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And how about these - trying something new with this go around. . .

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And with that I'm off to find a nice warm spot to relax. . .Until next time. . .

Thursday, January 23, 2014

Polar Vortex - Part Two

While I don't think it is going to be as bad as last time, it is cold again. Now while I will admit that it is indeed cold, "back in the day" when my girls were in school, they would have been in school on a day like today. Granted, I may have driven then girls to the bus stop on a day like today, but the bus would have shown up and off they would have gone. Now, the bus actually stops at each child's house. . .no wonder our roads have crumbled and deteriorated so badly - the side streets in my neighborhood weren't built to handle such weight!!!

I knew it was going to be cold today, so I ran all of my errands yesterday. We are supposed to have weather through the weekend so my pantry is stocked. Supper is in the crock pot already for today and soon it will start smelling super yummy in my house. The first load of laundry is in the washer so my day is off to a good start.

My scrapping seems to have slowed down, but I hope I'll get my act together and get some more done today. This flu has really knocked my for a loop!!! Not that I feel bad, I just have next to no energy. By the time I got home yesterday from my errands my back was hurting so badly too that all I wanted to do last night was to lay on the couch and stretch out. But, I have managed a couple of pages so here goes. . . . First up is this page

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And, how about these photos from my yard after a snowstorm. . .

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And, with that I'm outta here to go enjoy the rest of the afternoon. Until next time. . .

Saturday, January 18, 2014

Suddenly Saturday

I am not at all certain where this week went!!! It was Sunday and now it is Saturday. I know a good part of the week was spent on the couch with some sort of bug. Then I get up this morning and gosh do I have a sinus headache!!! When it feels like this it usually means weather is moving in. . .There is talk of another Polar Vortex in the next couple of weeks - say it ain't so!!! Today should be a fairly fun day. The local show choir competition is today, but I have to say in looking at the lineup it has certainly lost some of the luster from back in the day when our girls were involved in it. I haven't been to the local one in a couple of years. Usually there is some kind of conflict, but this year the flu is so rampant in this area I think I'll avoid the crowd.

Yesterday after I got my errands done I became a scrapping fool once again!!! I hadn't done much all week with the bug that I had and I think there was just pent up energy, so here goes. . .

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Love the color combination in this kit!!!

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And, with that I am outta here to do some browsing and finish my Progressive Scrap challenge page at theStudio. Until next time. . .

Whats-Up Today

All I can say is thank goodness I got a flu shot this year. I have been so rundown for the last 3 days. Yesterday I slept until 10:30 am which is quite unusual for me since I wake up at 4 am and am up and going by 5. After I got up at 10:30, I did about an hours worth of work and sent back to bed until 2:30!!! I could still be asleep now but thought I should get up and be productive. My philosophy is to not give in to anything!!! And, since I have been so rundown, I didn't make my Monday trek to the grocery store. This means I am down to 2 pieces of bread and no spare milk. I do need to try to remedy that here in a bit, but at the moment there is a huge snowstorm outside. I figure this will be short since there was not a single flake of snow forecasted for today!!! I'll give it a bit before I try to venture out.

I have had several pages done for a while now but just no energy to even post them, so here goes. First up is a photo that I took one night when our girls were little. I had told them they could lay in my bed and I would be in to read them a story. I finished up my bedtime routine and a mere 5 minutes later I walked into my room and found them both fast asleep. This was in the days when I could dress them alike - I just love the sweet peaceful feeling I got when I saw them.

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This was created using Creative Victorian Designs' January Grab-A-Byte (GAB) at ScrapbookBytes - here is a sample of the elements from that product line

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And, with that I'm outta here. . .and once again I forgot to hit "Publish" - LOL!!! Until next time. . .

Monday, January 13, 2014

Mundane Monday

Today is one of those blah Mondays. Unlike last week when we were in the midst of the Polar Vortex, today we have temps hovering around 50-degrees!!! It is hard to sit at the computer, so I only have 1 page for you today.

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And, with that I'm back to the sunroom to read a bit more!!! Until next time. . .

Sunday, January 12, 2014

Slow Sunday

Today is stacking up to be a slow, relaxing day!!! It isn't even 11 am and I have knocked out 5 of my 7 chores for the day. I think we may try to go to a movie later on today and supper is an easy, laid-back kind of meal so I can enjoy a college basketball game, US figure skating and the Golden Globe awards tonight!!! I did sleep rather well last night. . .unlike the night before when I woke up at 2 with horrible leg cramps - YUCK!!!

One of my big goals for today is to get all of my finished pages posted!!! So here goes!!!

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And, with that I'm outta here to go enjoy an evening in front of the TV!!! Until next time. . .