Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Thankful Tuesday

I am so thankful today that the really severe storms seem to have passed us by. Last night we had a storm move through with wind and hail, but thankfully no damage. It is amazing how the birds can be chirping outside all day, and you know a storm is brewing when it gets super quiet outside. The birds took cover about 30 minutes before the storm hit when there was still bright sunshine outside. My parents always said that birds could predict the weather future!!! When I wake up in the morning with the windows open and I hear those birds chirping, I just know it is going to be a glorious day!!!

Between a major cleaning push in my family room and a messed up shoulder as a result, I did manage to get a little bit of scrapping done.

First up this adorable collection. . .

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And, with weddings fast approaching. . .

These were created using

And, with that I am outta here. . .the "cable guy" is scheduled to come tomorrow and I would REALLY like to have my family room rearranged and done before he gets here. Planned on doing that yesterday until I somehow messed up my shoulder probably moving things around in there :-) Until next time. . .

Monday, April 28, 2014

Refershed And Awake

Goodness, isn't it fantastic to have a weekend where you have absolutely nothing to do!!! I just had one of those. It is so relaxing to be able to do what you want when you want to do it!!! No pressures. . .just finding joy in everything that needed to get done. Gosh, I even enjoyed cleaning the kitchen at a leisurely rate instead of being frantic to get things done. Sure wish every day could be like that, but alas I suppose if it were then we wouldn't appreciate those laid back days.

This coming week is going to be chaotic though so back into the fire!!! This weekend is of course iNSD. Every since I have gotten into digital scrapping, we have had something going on that weekend. The first weekend I was aware of iNSD, we were in the midst of a remodel project. The Friday before iNSD, I was removing wallpaper from the bathroom and using a kitchen chair to stand on. My dh thought that was a bad idea so he brought me a ladder and left to go mow the church property. I was tackling the wallpaper around the tub so I climbed on the ladder, then realized I needed something, thought I was only up 1 step and to make a long story short, I fell. Ended up across the bathtub, heard a lot of popping when I hit. Couldn't get out of there - everytime I tried to move it hurt so bad!!! After 45 minutes of pain and trying to get out, I made it. . .had to drag myself down the hallway because I couldn't stand. Found the phone and called my dh, who, of course was on the mower an couldn't hear his phone. Ended up in the ER and had a badly sprained shoulder, bruised ribs, sprained pelvis, sprained knee and ankle. Thankfully nothing was broken - I would save that for the NEXT year!!! Move on to the next year. . .our daughter got married that day!!! The next year, I had plans to stay home, do some digi-shopping, play some games, but instead, we got a call around midnight that our daughter was in labor 3 weeks early so we jumped in the car so we could be there to meet our first grandchild. That little one was born on iNSD and every year since we have had a birthday party to attend. This year she will be 6 and has told me for the better part of 6 months that this year is having a "friends" party and she so gently has told me each time that she just wants "friends" there. So, here I sit, with her birthday less than a week away and I don't know if we are supposed to go to her party or not :-) We do have plans on going down in a couple of weeks when she is done with her school and Girl Scout activities and spending the weekend with them. For the past year she has talked about going to Six Flags. . .her Mom drives by Six Flags every day on her way to work and Evie has always talked about going there. So, we are going to take her to Six Flags!!! I think she will have a blast and with Grandma and Grandpa there in addition to her family, someone can watch her brother while she just has FUN!!! She is the kind of girl who loves rides and she'll enjoy the shows too!!! Should be a fun time!!!

Anyway, with the laid back weekend, I did some scrapping, so here goes. First up

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And how about these adorable pages - from mini kits!!!

These were created using

These were created using

And, with that I'm outta here to go clean downstairs. I started rearranging furniture on Friday and had other things to do like hook up electronics. Ran into a snag with that and will have to have a technician from the cable company come out and work on that. . .I suspect it is a faulty HD Adapter box but I'm just an ordinary customer so what do I know??? Until next time. . .

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Busy Wednesday

Well, today is the day I have a LOT of things to do, lots of errands, a little daytrip, just lots and lots of things!!! I am still trying to get caught up from the holiday and tasks from last week so here goes. . .

These were created with a wonderful kit entitled Heartsong by Snickerdoodle Design. I particularly like the colors and the whimsical musical theme!!! So unique!!!

And, with that I'm outta here to make a couple of "customer service" phone calls. . .going on day 17 without phone service thanks to the phone company who keeps closing out work orders without actually WORKING them. And calling the cable company to find out where the shipment notification along with the actual equipment shipment is since is should have been here Monday. . .not to mention all those errands I have to run!!! Until next time . . .

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Terrific Tuesday

I think I am about over that post-chaotic, wonderful holiday stupor that happens after all of the kids are here AND we have a gathering at my mother-in-law's house. I had so much fun with the grandkids when they were here. Each one has such a fun personality. The 5-year old is Miss Studious. She helped me cook by reading the recipes. . .what 5-year old knows the word "cucumber"? She reads anything at will!!! Can't wait until this summer when she visits, I am going to introduce her to my cousin's book series about her family. The 4-year old is just a bundle of optimism. She is so caring yet she can be a free spirit!!! Then there's the 2-year old grandson who is so smitten with Grandpa. . .it makes my heart leap when I see him follow Grandpa around and look up at him!!! That is a very special bond!!! We had our festivities on Saturday since one daughter had to get back home because of her husband's work. Sunday we went to my mother-in-law's house. I NEVER enjoy time spent there. Our Easter "feast" consisted of deli-ham, my two salads, and 3 bags of chips. There was dessert for the kids, but nothing for the adults. They don't understand that all it takes is a little bit of coordination!!! Oh, we did have green beans, but they came 30 minutes after we were done eating!!! I told my husband that going forward I would be more than happy to cater events. . .for a fee!!! If anyone were ever thankful for the work that goes into a meal, I would do it for free, but I have NEVER even gotten so much as a "thank you" from anyone other than my own children. Then, there's the parents that just send their children out to play on the neighbor's swingset next to a main road without supervision!!! There is no barrier to keep the 4-year old from running out into the street and the 6-year old girl is totally clueless as to why it is NOT a good idea to walk right in front of a swing!!! My husband and I ended up supervising that activity while their parents and grandparents sat inside the house. . .

My goal today is to get caught up scrapping everything that I want to get done. . .I am now 1 month behind on my 2015 calendar, so I need to get that caught up today!!!

At any rate, here's what I've been working on since late last week. . .

Love this for those elegant or heritage photos!!!

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And, how about this super cute set!!!

These were created using

And, with that I'm outta here to do some other mundane tasks like washing linens, switching out summer and winter clothes, yada, yada, yada!!! Until next time. . .

Friday, April 18, 2014

Fantastic Friday

I am going to start the day by thinking today is going to be a fantastic day!!! I go so much work done yesterday!!! Laundry is done, house is mostly clean, groceries are done, and I even found time to plant the herbs in my garden that were available. Now I just have to keep my eyes open for that rosemary and sage!!! Couldn't even find Sage seeds. I typically plant on set of each herb in my pots and then fill in with seeds so I can have a fun pot of each herb. Can't wait for those roasted potatoes with fresh rosemary and thyme!!! Or how about that spaghetti with fresh oregano and basil. . .or tomato, mozzarella, and basil salad. . .gosh, I'm getting hungry!!!

I think I am finally getting caught up on my scrapping. . .but a weekend with guests and travelling will likely put me behind yet again. . .UGH!!! But here goes. . .

First up - love this color palette!!!

These were created using

And the name of this kit could be misleading. . .it works well for both masculine and feminine pages!!!

These were created using

And, last, but not least. . .

This was created using

And, with that I am outta here to go chop vegetables, boil eggs to color, and do other prep work for our feast tomorrow :-) Until next time. . .

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Wednesday Warrior - Sort Of

While I actually got a lot accomplished today, it seems like I didn't get a single thing done!!! Ran a BUNCH of errands after my early morning appointment. But, with Easter fast approaching, there is still a lot to do!!! Tomorrow is a major cleaning push before Friday's food prep and Saturday's festivities. We will be having our Easter on Saturday to accommodate everyone's schedule. Honestly, I don't mind as long as I know what I'm doing. . .this will actually free up Sunday just a bit and it won't feel so hurried as we go to my mother-in-law's for ham sandwiches. . .yep, ham sandwiches for Easter. Not exactly what I grew up with. . .I don't even like ham sandwiches unless of course it is real ham. . .the kind you cook and baste. I'm pretty sure this will be deli ham OR my worse nightmare is it will be ham that is supposed to be cooked but it won't be cooked. . .you just never know what you are going to get when you go there!!!

I did manage to get one scrapbook page done so here goes. . .

This was created using Creative Victorian Designs' Transitions available at ScrapbookBytes

And, with that I'm off to clean off my messy desk, continue cleaning and popping supper in the oven!!! Until next time. . .

Friday, April 11, 2014

Friday Finally

This week has both flown by and been one of those slow weeks. For some reason I haven't really been motivated to accomplish anything. I think it is the downside of 2 weekends with grandkids. And, at the same time I am trying to figure out plans for the next couple of months. I have stressed out because the in-law side of the family just decided last night when they are having Easter. Again, it will be late in the day on Sunday and because of the lateness it keeps my girls from being able to attend. Honestly, most all of the "celebrations" there are intended for one specific member of the family - and it isn't my MIL!!! Anyway, I have a dilemma as to what to take for the potluck. I have the feeling that our Easter dinner will consist of ham sandwiches. I am usually asked to take a hashbrown casserole (well actually 2 casseroles), but if we are just having sandwiches I am not inclined to do a lot of work. I have taken an Amish macaroni salad, but now my BIL goes to WalMart and buys a container of macaroni salad. I have taken a 7-layer lettuce salad, but one of my sister-in-laws takes a head of lettuce and chops it up there, adds a tomato and frozen vegetables - broccoli, cauliflower, and carrots (as a side note - those cold, slimy, soggy veggies are a big turnoff). I have taken potato salad, but none of them eat potato salad. Maybe a 3-bean salad would be nice. . .I have a yummy recipe from one of my dh's aunts. I love the salad, my dh, not so much!!! For a large family, they are very picky eaters!!!

Now, since I know about the plans, I can start working on my Easter. . .if we will even have an Easter!!!

With all this stress, I have only managed one page. So here goes

This was created using

And, with that I'm off of here to go plan my near-term day and longer-term Easter weekend!!! Wish me luck and until next time. . .

Thursday, April 10, 2014

Weary Wednesday

I had all sorts of grand plans for today, but I am so tired some of the plans that I had tentatively made will slide another day. I'm so tired and it is so gorgeous outside I don't trust myself to drive to the outlet mall. I like to go there once each season to get a few outfits for the grandkids. The stores will be there on Friday if I decide to go :-)

I have managed to do a bit of scrapping so here goes.

This was created using

And a couple more

These were created using

These were created using

And, with that I'm outta here to go tackle all those chores on my "To Do" list for the day!!! Until next time. . .

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Back To Reality Monday

After a couple of weekends entertaining grandkids and dealing with computer problems, now it is time to get back into the swing of reality. Today I am going to put up all the toys that we have enjoyed for the past 2 weeks, there will be a bit of cleaning done and some laundry. Today is supposed to be a rainy day, so that will help me focus and get some work done. Then, there is that book that I'm reading, sure would like to get a bit of time to enjoy that too!!!

I am trying to play "catch-up" with my scrapping, so here goes. . .

These were created using

And how about these cute kid pages!!!

These were created using

And, with that I'm outta here to go knock out a few of the items on my "To Do" list!!! Until next time. . .