Sunday, April 26, 2015

Full Friday

Today is shaping up to be a really full day!!! I have tons of computer work to do since one of my CT sites has a brand new store. That means all of the URLs of products that I have used have changed which means all those gallery posts need to be updated!!! It has been a daunting task but thank goodness I have my record-keeping system in place and I can streamline some of the process!!! Then, I need to go get groceries. . .I have procrastinated most of the week on that and the kitties gave me an ultimatum this morning. . .get dry cat food or ELSE!!! They get wet cat food every single day, but for some reason they think that dry food that is always available to them is some kind of "treat" rather than food. Now, you would think since they have cat food available to them 24/7 they would both be "fat cats", but alas, they are not. . .in fact, they are both on the small side!!! The biggest one weighs a whopping 8-1/4 pounds and THAT is soaking wet!!! But, I can safely say and the vet concurs he is 8-1/4 pounds of solid muscle!!! He had such a fit at the vet's office 2 years ago the vet ran out of the room. . .I ended up torn up and one bite that went completely through my hand!!! Since then, he gets to take a nap before his annual exam and shots!!! I was sssssoooo embarrassed!!!! Then finally, I have to move the summer clothes upstairs. I took the winter stuff downstairs yesterday. Seems odd that I did that yesterday since we had FROST last night!!! It has been cold, but it is supposed to be a wicked Saturday around these parts so I am thinking it will warm up next week!!!

Even with all the updating at Digital Scrapbooking Studio, I have managed to do a bit of scrapping so here goes. First up. . .

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And, with that I am outta here to work on some serious record-keeping, do a little digi-shopping and loading my carts for next week's DSD!!! Until next time. . .

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Wistful Wednesday

Goodness, it certainly doesn't seem like it should be Wednesday already!!! I have NO idea where this week has gotten to!!! Tomorrow is the dreaded laundry day around here - UGH!!! I decided yesterday to take a little field trip to the state capital because THAT is where all the good stores are!!! We have no Bed Bath and Beyond, no bookstores, no Sears or J C Penney, no Noodles and Company and while we do have a Best Buy, it hardly carries anything. . .times are tough in this town, but in the capital, it seems business is booming!!!

On my radar today is switching out the winter clothes for summer clothes. I really don't enjoy that task and truthfully I am probably doing it too soon since there is FROST in the forecast for tonight, but it will warm up and when it does, I want to be ready!!!

I have managed to do a bit of scrapping. . .so here goes

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And, with that I am going to go start working on a new project!!! Until next time. . .

Monday, April 20, 2015

Rainy Days Monday

It is one of those rainy days and Mondays that they wrote about in my era!!! It was a glorious weekend although it was a tad windy. And, we had sssssooooo much fun playing with our granddaughter. She is an absolute HOOT!!! But yesterday, it rained a good part of the day. . .a nice gentle rain though so that was kind of nice. That gentle rain, brought in some cold temperatures and a LOT of wind today!!! I really need to go to the grocery store to get a couple of things that they were out of last week, but I lack motivation at the moment to do that task!!!

I did a tiny bit of scrapping today so here goes. . .

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And, since I said a "tiny bit of scrapping", I am going to call it a day and go try to find that motivation!!! Until next time. . .

Saturday, April 18, 2015

Saturday Excitement

I am so excited about today!!! My daughter and granddaughter are going to come down for a visit. This is our granddaughter's first year in dance so her first recital is coming up in a couple of weeks. So excited for her!!! In December she was in a production of The Nutcracker. So her Mom could see her on stage the very first time she performed in her life, I volunteered to work the dressing room for her. . .after all, I am a "trained professional" seeing that I worked backstage for some 15 years when the girls were in dance. When she came back from her first number, I asked her how it was, she just looked at me and said "Grandma, it was AWESOME!!!" which I thought was pretty good for a 5-year old!!! She wasn't scared in the least and had such a good time!!! Her Mom was a dancer and teacher and coach. . .they have always watched So You Think You Can Dance together, so she is pretty excited about the next couple of weeks. But, one of her costumes needs to be altered just a tad and since it is her first time to do that, my daughter want's me to take a look at that. . .I can remember having to completely remake costumes for people that either came in too big, too little or damaged and there was NEVER time to get a replacement!!! It was those times I thanked my Mom for teaching me how to sew!!!

It is super early. . .couldn't sleep for some reason, maybe it is the headache. The windows are opened, there is no light outside, but the birds are chirping and that always means it is going to be a good day!!!

Yesterday, after I got done with all the cleaning I started, I managed to get a couple of pages done, so here goes. . .

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And, with that I am out of here to make a very important decision. . .do I make brownies or apple pie for our visitors!!! Until next time. . .

Friday, April 17, 2015

Thursday Thunder

Today is shaping up to be a stormy day!!! While they say we have a chance of storms, I suspect it will just be rain. But, since I don't have a cooktop at the moment, rain requires changes to our menu for the day!!! I finally ordered a cooktop yesterday, but it can't be installed until the 30th because of the installer's schedule. So I have a couple of weeks of planning menus that we can cook outside. I did pick up a super cheap electric skillet yesterday. . .it is so cheap it can't be put in water to clean!!! I suspect that thing will find a new home once I have a cooktop!!! Finding a cooktop was quite the chore!!! I have white appliances in the kitchen, but anymore white appears to be very difficult to find!!! Everything is stainless and that just isn't something I want!!! I think it looks too "industrial" and not homey at all!!! Plus, when I was a little girl, my Mom decided to put stainless stuff in our kitchen. . .I absolutely HATED that stuff!!! And while they may have made strides since then, I recall that stuff being hard to keep clean and if a little dent gets in it, it looks HORRIBLE!!! Just give me plain old white!!! Anyway, the model I really wanted only comes in stainless. . .come on companies, give me a CHOICE!!! I really resent companies trying to tell me what I should like!!! I just wanted to see the model that was available to me. . .what is up with stores that expect you to make a huge investment sight unseen!!! Nobody within a 200 mile radius had that model on display!!! And, I was amazed at the number of stores that don't even HAVE an appliance display area!!! I can say I will definitely NEVER order anything from those stores!!! Yesterday I finally ordered a cooktop, so that decision is behind me now - thank goodness!!!

With all the drama of the cooktop and the death of a girl who was between my two girls, it has been a difficult week to say the least. I think my scrapping has suffered a bit, but I have managed to get a couple of pages done so here goes. . .

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And another set. . .sometimes you just can't stop at one!!!

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And, with that I am outta here to go get busy on all the things I want to accomplish today!!! Until next time. . .

Thursday, April 16, 2015

Spring Is In The Air!!!!

Today is the day!!! I bought my herb plants and seeds last night and I am ready to hit the dirt today. . .once it warms up that is!!! It is still cool in the mornings but it warms up nicely in the afternoon. I can hardly WAIT for herb-roasted potatoes made with the fresh stuff!!! Yum, Yum!!! I found a couple of kits to work with and some pages just came together in a snap, so here goes!!!

First up. . .

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And, with that I am outta here. . .have to go find a new cooktop today since my shattered - UGH!!! Until next time. . .

Friday, April 10, 2015

Finally Friday

It is finally Friday which means Thursday and all of its nasty weather is well to the east of us. At one point we were under a tornado warning which was cause for concern since that storm had a history of tornados and funnel clouds. Today the temperature is much cooler, but it is really windy!!!

Yesterday with the drizzle, I got out and got the groceries for the weekend and spent the rest of the day on chores and scrapping, so here goes. . .First up. . .

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And, how about a couple of pages of some super-cute kiddos. . .

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And, with that I think I am going to call it a day. . .until next time. . .

Thursday, April 9, 2015

Tedious Thursday

Today is my "chore day" and the day I dread most each week. You have to understand that I really like watching the TV show Survivor, so years ago I started doing all the weekly chores on Thursdays because my "reward" for getting everything done was to kick back and watch Survivor. A few years ago they moved the show from Thursday to Wednesdays. Then, I needed some other "reward" so I chose to get a burger at the local Mom and Pop burger joint if I got my laundry done by noon. That was a feat that I was able to accomplish for a while and it worked, but now the water pressure is so low in my neighborhood that it takes considerably longer to do a load of laundry so I haven't reached my goal of laundry done before noon for a couple of months now. All of this just means that I really don't like Thursdays at all!!! And, to make matters worse for today, they are saying we are in for some nasty storms as the day goes on. . .but what do you expect when the high reaches 80-degrees in April??? We have heavy rain in the forecast too. . .which means the farmers who were enjoying early April instead of getting out in the fields will be complaining before long.

And, to make matters even worse, the nasty spring cold is still hanging on. . .UGH!!! But while I don't feel like doing much, I have been scrapping, so here goes. . .

First up, a light-hearted page. . .

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And a couple of pages for spring

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And, with a storm moving in, I think I am going to wrap this up!!! Hope we don't re-enact The Wizard Of Oz today!!! Until next time. . .

Monday, April 6, 2015

Just Another Manic Monday

Here it is, Monday again. Today I am simply sick and tired. . .sick because of a spring cold and tired because of the dreaded trip to my MIL's house yesterday. First, let me say I think a spring cold is the absolute cruelest thing!!! Here it is the promise of nice, warm weather and I have chills and a fever, a nasty cough, a throbbing headache, sore throat, muscle aches, the works!!! A cold seems appropriate in the winter time. . .after all, I don't have all that much to do in the winter, but spring, come on!!! I could be outside messing around in my herb pots!!! The tired is from the trip to my MIL's house for Easter. . .let's just leave it at that!!!

And, today is a really gloomy day, so what better to do than sit at the computer with a hot cup of coffee and my little space heater warming my toes and scrapping, so here goes. . .

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And, how about a couple of heritage pages. . .

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And, with that, I need to go get another box of tissues and may take some cold medicine!!! Until next time. . .