Sunday, October 30, 2016

Some Odds And Some Ends

Goodness, this has been one of "those" days. . .I completely lack focus yet I got a lot of things accomplished. I'm tired but managed to get a lot of physical things done. I feel like I don't have a creative bone in my body but I managed to get some pages done and actually made some headway on those Christmas gifts. So, all in all I'd say it has been a pretty good day :-) So, here goes for some of my pages. . .

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Created using And, with that I am outta here!!! Until next time. . .

Thursday, October 27, 2016

Chili Weather

Today was a chili kind of day. . .it was chilly and grey and raining. Goodness did that chili hit the spot - so yum!!! It was nice to have the chili simmering in the crock pot while I did some computer work. That is a perfect day in my opinion!!! So, since I did some scrapping, I'll share. . . Created using Created using Created using And, with that I am outta here to do my chores for the day and to work on these Christmas gifts!!! Until next time. . .

Sunday, October 23, 2016

Weekend Warrior

I'm going to be quite the warrior this weekend!!! Today is packed full of work but the reward at the end of the day will be an overnight visit with one of the grandkids. . .so excited about that. She wants 100 fish sticks. . .her Mom is highly allergic to fish so the only time she gets fish sticks is at my house and she is so excited!!! Tomorrow is errand day for me. . .then Saturday is a birthday party for our grandson. Sunday is my MIL's birthday dinner and I'm going to miss it because I have an opportunity to go watch one of the granddaughter in a dance performance. . .sorry, but she takes precedence over my MIL :-) But before all the fun starts for the weekend, here are some pages I've been working on this week. . .finally we have some cooler weather and my body and I are so much happier!!!

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Created using And, with that I am outta here to go do my weekend "thing"!!! Until next time. . .

Thursday, October 20, 2016

YIKES!!! Record Heat

It is so hard to believe it is October. . .Halloween is in 2 weeks, but today we are supposed to have record-breaking temperatures!!! It could get close to 90-degrees which is just entirely TOO warm for this time of year. Last week one of my farmer friends had a neighbor who was harvesting beans, my friend noticed what he thought was dust then realized it was SMOKE!!! The combine had started a field fire. If you have never experienced that, let me tell you it is NOT something that you want to experience!!! The farmer was still in the combine and the dry beans just went up in flames. . .he was able to get out and was relatively unharmed. . .the combine was damaged somewhat and the other farmers contained the fire before it spread to other farms. Thankfully that day didn't have a lot of wind, but had that happened the next day. . .we had strong winds and the outcome would have been entirely different. Those field fires are becoming more frequent in this area. . .Not sure how I'm going to keep cool today since I simply refuse to turn on the air conditioner in October. Have never done that in my lifetime so we will see if I break down and cool off for a while. . .since I knew it was going to be super hot today, I put a pork shoulder in the crockpot. . .we will have a tasty dinner and the kitchen won't be hot!!!

I am concentrating on some miscellaneous scrapping this week and going back and correcting a LOT of store links that were broken this past week. . .hate when that happens and I do want to apologize upfront because the links were valid when the blog posts were created. . .but these links should be good to go :-)

Created using And, I totally forgot to publish this page again!!! So here goes. . .Until next time. . .

Sunday, October 16, 2016

Weekend Ready

I am ready for the weekend. . .still have lots to do but I am so ready. But before I can get started on the weekend, I have a lot to accomplish. . .cleaning, shopping, yada, yada, yada :-) And I have things to share with you so here goes. . .

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Created using And, with that I am outta here to go enjoy a relaxing afternoon. Until next time. . .

Friday, October 14, 2016

Fantastic Fall

Yesterday it finally started to feel like fall. . .we had a bit of rain that we really needed and the temperature dropped. Not that it is going to stay cool, it is supposed to be back in the mid-80's next week. The question is. . .will I be wearing shorts on Halloween? I think we have finally made an executive decision last night. . .don't think we will be turning on our lights for Halloween this year. For the last couple of years we have been the only house in the neighborhood with the lights on. The majority of our neighbors are older and simply can't handle the traffic to their doors. . .as far as the other neighbors, I have no idea what is wrong with them!!! Last year I think we had a total of maybe 5 kids. . .hardly worth all the work and I certainly don't need the candy that is left. My husband's work has a walkthrough Trick or Treat and I think he enjoys that. . .employees can bring their kids dressed in costume and they can walk from desk to desk seeking treats. A nice diversion for all concerned. Then there is a party at church and candy will be available there. . .

With the cooler weather I have been scrapping but with an eye infection, that time has been a little less this week but here goes. . . Created using Created using Created using Created using Created using And with that I think I am outta here. Until next time. . .