Friday, May 30, 2014

Fantastic Friday

Today has been a great day for the most part!!! I don't have that much on my "to do" list, I have been able to scrap a bit, groceries have been purchased AND more importantly put away!!! There are leftovers for dinner tonight and as soon as I get my computer work done, I'm off to read a book!!! So, all in all it has been a wonderful day. There are showers and storms in the area and it is super hot and humid, but I am indoors and the air is running so I'm good :-)

I have managed to get some scrapping done, although most of it has been for challenges at theStudio. But here goes the general things. . .

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And a couple of heritage pages

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And, with that I'm outta here to upload some completed challenges and read that book :-) Until next time. . .

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

What Day Is It???

I don't know about you, but having a 3-day weekend has messed me up!!! I keep thinking that today is Tuesday when it is in fact Wednesday!!! Driving me nuts!!! Then, I looked today and I completely forgot to plan the menus for the week!!! On Sunday I smoked some pork in the smoker and we enjoyed leftovers for a couple of days but today is back to cooking and I was just so excited about leftovers I forgot to plan anything for the rest of the week!!! I think I have a plan for today, but I'll need to buckle down for tomorrow!!!

It is getting super hot here again. . .will be close to 90 today so I have been trying to stay indoors as much as I can. And when I stay indoors, I do tend to scrap especially with the house is clean, the old documents have been shredded and there just isn't much else to do!!! So here goes.

First up is this super cute kid-themed kit. . .

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And here are a couple of wedding-themed pages

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And with that I'm outta here to see if I can remember when I put something last week!!! Until next time. . .

Friday, May 23, 2014


Yesterday was our wedding anniversary. . .37 years. You know you have been married a LONG time when you get each other the exact same anniversary card!!! I have no idea why my body is on this frenzy. . .usually this means that I'm about to get sick and especially this time of year. Some of my worse flare-ups have been in May. Yesterday I cleaned carpets, washed blankets, mopped floors, cleaned the sunroom and scrapped!!! Today I am going to try to locate my smoker which is my reward for doing all this cleaning. On Tuesday I went to the home supply store to look at the smoker that I have chosen and they didn't have one on the floor. I am fearful that means they have sold out which means I may have to drive out of town to pick one up. Nonetheless, I would like to get that done today!!! It is also laundry day, so there is a full day of work ahead of me today!!! First up. . .

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And finally,

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And, with that I am outta here. . .need to clean off my messy desk, dust, vacuum and then I am free (or relatively cheap) for the day!!! Until next time enjoy your long weekend and stay safe. . .

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Looking Up

Well, things are looking up here. . .I even got a chance to work on cleaning out the garage yesterday. That is, the stuff I am "authorized" to work on :-) I have been forbidden from touching any tools or lumber that is stored out there. . .seems that it is already "organized" and I am simply not privy to that organizational method!!! I have one more little project that I want to address out there and then I think I'm done with what I can do.

Yesterday I started sorting through sheets and pillowcases. What a mess!!! When did it become commonplace to NOT put the sheet size on the tag??? Sure wish there was a better way of storing sheets too!!! The only other "chore" that I need to tackle is that linen closet, but I dread doing that one!!!

Slowly, but surely I am starting to scrap again. Between that cold / allergies and this cleaning frenzy my scrapping has really suffered!!! Anyway, here goes. . . First up, a couple of pages with a sweet little kit. . .

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And this kit just screams springtime

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And with that I'm outta here to get some chores done and to remember back 37 years ago today. You know you have been married a LONG time when you get each other the exact same anniversary card!!! Until next time. . .

Sunday, May 18, 2014

Sweet, Sweet Sunday

What an awesome day!!! For the past two weeks I have been on a cleaning frenzy along with having either the nastiest summer cold I have ever had OR the fiercest allergies!!! My yard sale was Friday and Saturday and I just want to go on record as saying I hope this is the last yard sale I ever have!!! The last one I had was 10 years ago when we remodeled our kitchen and it was at least 106 outside that time. This time, the high on Friday didn't even get to 50 and we had rain!!! I was also surprised at the shift in customer's selections. . .books used to sell really well, not this time. Everyone must have an e-reader now. And, I had a nice set of dishes, nobody wanted dishes either. I now have everything boxed up. . .books and DVD's are going to the library, some things will go to a thrift shop run by a church and the rest is headed to Good Will. My purpose in having a yard sale was two fold. . .I wanted to make enough money to get a propane smoker and if I had extra, I wanted to make enough that I could take an art journal course. I will get to do both of those. My second purpose was to get rid of stuff so when my time comes my girls won't have so much to go through. I still had a LOT of Mom's stuff in storage so I went through all that and had every intention of dealing with all of it. I did really well until I opened the first of 4 boxes of glass stuff. . .and I realized I simply could not do it. Mom always liked having glass stuff around and I know that a lot of this stuff came from garage sales and has no significance, but they belonged to MOM!!! I just could not deal with it, so I left those things boxed. Sorry girls, you will have to go through that. . .

With everything going on, my scrapping has suffered, but I hope to spend tomorrow getting rid of the sale excess and getting the rooms back in order. Then with the temperatures heating up, I want to just sit and scrap. . .need me some "scrap therapy" in the worse way!!! I have managed a couple of pages so here goes. . .

This was created using this adorable kit

This was created using

And, with that I'm outta here to straighten the house and try to recover from the past 2 weeks!!! Until next time. . .

Monday, May 12, 2014

Happy Mothers Day!!!

Here's hoping that my daughters have the "bestest" Mother's Day!!! I'm sure their little ones are giving them plenty of smooches and hugs and bringing a smile to their face!!! As for me, I'm going to have a nice and relaxing day. My dh will go down for a family gathering and I am staying home. I made the salad yesterday along with a yummy cake (White Texas Sheet Cake). Got the brats and buns on Friday, so I'm off the hook for today!!! While he is gone, I'm going to get Chinese takeout from the local Mom and Pop place and maybe watch a movie!!! I might even get a little more done on my yard sale preparation!!! I have one room and one closet to tackle. . .it will sure feel good to get this done!!! I probably haven't had a yard sale in close to 10 years, so it is time to purge!!! Spent yesterday going through the storage shed and tossing a LOT of stuff!!! Found a few treasures too. . .a quilt top that my Grandmother had had pieced. She always made her quilts out of old clothes, so just the fabric by itself has a story. . .I treasure those things!!!

With all the cleaning that I have been doing along with a summer cold, my scrapping has suffered a tad. But I do try to relax for a minute here and there and do a bit of work, so here goes. . .

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This was created primarily from the add-on bundle for Every Little Moment

And, with that I think I'm going to go try to get rid of this silly cough!!! Until next time. . .

Friday, May 9, 2014

Testy Tuesday, Wasted Wednesday, Thankful Thursday

Started a project yesterday by necessity rather than design. My dh needed a copy of a check from 2010 - YIKES!!! Didn't even know the date!!! I went through records and located the date, but still needed to find the actual copy of the check. I have old files in about 4 places in the house so I started with a closet. Now, this is the closet where all the "junk" accumulates - there are 2 other closets like that in the house. I took everything out of there, found 2 boxes of old files and actually fund the check that he needed. BUT at the moment the room where our computers are is a wreck!!! I found some old stuff. . .but it got me thinking there is a community rummage sale in 2 weeks. . .wonder if I can pull everything together and participate in that this year??? It is worth a try so today I have to finish working on this room and then move on to another closet in another part of the house. I would also like to clean out the garage, but my dh isn't so thrilled about that!!! We used to be able to get 2 cars in the garage. . .there's so much junk out there now that getting 2 cars in there is impossible!!! We'll see what I can accomplish in the next few days :-) Especially with a summer cold coming on :-)

I have managed to create a couple of pages with iNSD this past weekend, so here goes. . .

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These were created using

And, how about these pages from a MINI!!!

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And with that I am outta here!!! My house is a wreck, but in my defense I have managed to empty no less that 12 bins of junk!!! GO ME!!! Spring cleaning has come just a little late around here this season!!! Until next time. . .

Thursday, May 1, 2014

Magnificant May Day

Well, it is MOSTLY a magnificent May Day!!! Other than the fact that it is cold and gloomy outside and much more like a fallish day than a glorious springtime day, it is pretty good!!! Yesterday it was overcast, cold and misty all day and today is a duplicate of yesterday. I'm sitting here with my sweatshirt on, a cup of coffee and my little heater running just to take the edge off the cold!!! And, silly apple tree and lilacs decided to pick this cold day to come to life and finally bloom!!!

The other thing that is making today great - I'm knocking these chores off one by one!!! I'm down to 4 things on my "to do" list and other than getting groceries, the things I detest doing are done!!! Go Me!!! Now I can just sit back and wait for those iNSD sale notices to come through my inbox this afternoon!!! Whoopee!!!

And, yesterday I got a new mouse and oh my goodness what a difference it makes!!! I honestly was starting to think I had done gone and had a mini-stroke as terrible as I was with that old mouse!!! It never really occurred to me it was the mouse!!! I wasn't dragging and dropping very well at all and placing things on my scrapbook pages exactly where I wanted them the first time. . .forget about it!!! I think the proof is in the pudding so to speak. . .I managed to get 4 pages done last night alone!!! Haven't been that productive in a LONG time!!!

And, with that, here are the pages. . .

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These were created using

And how about the glorious COLORS here!!!

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And, with that I'm outta here. . .going to go see if there is anything that I need for iNSD and then relaxing for a bit. Until next time. . .