Friday, December 30, 2016

Winding Down

This year is winding down and with everything that has happened this year, I certainly hope that next year is a much better year!!! 2016 was not a kind year in so many regards so I hope that next year is an upswing!!!

I'm trying to finish up the 2016 work so here goes. . . Created using Created using Created using Created using And, with that I think I am outta here to go get a start on the weekend and our festivities. Until next time. . .

Monday, December 26, 2016

Happy Holiday!!!

Christmas Day. . .so many memories for this day!!! They day I got my pony, the day before our oldest daughter decided to make an early arrival, 9 days after our second daughter decided to make an even EARLIER arrival!!! This year was really low-key for us. . .our festivities will be next weekend but I have a lot to accomplish this week!!! Lots of appointments, a couple of projects that I want to finish, house to clean and yummy food to prepare!!! And, I am planning some goals for next year. Nothing lofty, but I do think I may make the leap to Windows 10 at some point. . .things are just starting to seem so unstable in my Windows 8 environment even with being current on all releases. Have some other computer things I want to accomplish too so I am kind of excited to start those projects!!! Being an old computer programmer, I do enjoy that kind of thing!!!

But, in the meantime, I have been doing some challenges around digi-land so here goes. . . Created using Created using Created using Created using Created using Created using And that wraps up the challenges for 2016 so I am outta here!!! Until next time. . .

Sunday, December 25, 2016

One Down One To Go

We had our Christmas celebration at my MIL's house yesterday. . .I never know how that is going to turn out and given the weather I'm just thankful that we got there and back without incident. We have had ice here and the roads in our town are just solid slick ice. The country roads had scattered slick spots but once we got to the highway it wasn't bad. BUT the temperature started out at a whopping 13-degrees but on the way home last night it was 2-degrees!!! YIKES!!!

At this point I am just glad to be home and inside where it is nice and toasty!!! I have a busy week ahead of me though. One of our granddaughters is coming for a visit on Wednesday and we will take her home on Friday or Saturday. I hope to be able to take her to a movie while she is here. . .and I'd like to make some cookies with her. She has food intolerances so I have to watch what she eats and that always concerns me. . .I certainly don't want to make her sick!!! Then I started a sewing project and I would love to get that wrapped up (both literally and figuratively) by tomorrow. Then there are all the phone calls that I need to make, appointments to be scheduled and I really do have to finalize the menu for our Christmas celebration. . .

Anyway, I have been scrapping a little so here goes. . . Created using Created using Created using Created using Created using And, with that I am outta here to go spend some time with our granddaughter before the holiday weekend!!! Until next time here is hoping you have a Happy Holiday!!! And, dang, I forgot to publish this!!!

Saturday, December 17, 2016

Wintry Mix

Don't you love it when you have so much stuff to do and places to go and you end up with a "wintry mix"!!! Over night we have had ice, then a bit of snow. Today it is supposed to really warm up to 42-degrees with rain. . .but, wait for it because I live in the Midwest. . .by 3 this afternoon the temperature is going to drop to 9-degrees with freezing rain and snow!!! They are advising against all travel which is just fine with me!!! I don't relish the idea of sitting at the bottom of a ditch!!! The problem is tomorrow is the Christmas celebration at my mother-in-law's house. Now, I remember a Christmas exactly 35 years ago when I had just gotten home from the hospital a few days before with a newborn who only weighed 4-1/2 pounds. We had weather that was much like today and we agreed that it was too dangerous to take the baby out. So, my husband went without us that year and I worried about him the entire time. . .Oh goodness, was my MIL ever angry at me!!! Sorry, but my family comes first to me :-) I do feel pretty good about what I have accomplished so far regarding the upcoming holiday. . .I am seeing the light at the end of the tunnel with all the chaos and things I want to do for the girls. Anymore we make a lot of Christmas stuff and I think most of my stuff is done. I do have one project to finish and I might just be able to do that today since I'm not going anywhere. Still have to make the potatoes for the meal tomorrow and we have some gifts to wrap but since they are for my husband's family, he is more than willing to wrap them. I get the ideas and execute the plan and he wraps the gifts!!! Anyway, I have managed to do a little bit of scrapping so here goes. . . Created using Created using And, with that I think I am outta here!!! I want to make some muffins, sew, make a side dish for tomorrow and then relax and enjoy the day!!! Until next time. . .

Friday, December 16, 2016

Gearing Up OR Winding Down!!!

Well, I kind of feel like I am gearing up for the holidays and in other ways I am winding down!!! The bulk of the shopping is done, just need to make 1 trip out of town and pick up a few gift cards and I'll be done with that. The Christmas cards are done, the December birthday cards are ready to go, but the gifts have not been wrapped, I need to deep-clean the house and I have to finalize that menu!!! This weekend we have the festivities with my MIL. . .and then we will have our celebration on the 1st!!!

And, before it gets entirely too crazy, here are some pages. . . Created using Created using Created using Created using Created using Created using And, with that I think I am outta here. . .the weather is supposed to take a turn for the worse and I need to get milk, eggs and bread before that happens!!! So, until next time. . .